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Artisan Bread Box
Artisan Bread Box
Artisan Bread Box

Artisan Bread Box

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What's Inside the box:

  • 1 Boule of Artisan Bread (your choice)

Crusty outer edge and soft, dense center make for a perfect pairing of your favorite soup or preferred jam! 

The Original & Sourdough

Ingredients: organic flour, water, salt and yeast.

Contains: Wheat 

Jalapeño Cheddar 

Appetizing loaf that is so flavorful you can enjoy on it's own.  A subtle spiciness from the jalapeños balanced perfectly with the creaminess of the cheddar cheese. 

Ingredients: Organic flour, water, cheddar cheese, fresh jalapenos, olive oil, yeast, and salt. 


 Ingredients: Organic flour, water, cheddar cheese, yeast, and salt.

Contains: Wheat

Garlic Rosemary

Crusty outer edge with a soft, dense flavorful interior. Deep garlic and rosemary flavor that will bring any meal to life. Enjoy on its own or pair with your favorite soup or pasta dish. 

Ingredients: organic flour, water, salt, garlic, yeast and rosemary.

Contains: Wheat 

  *available in standard and gluten friendly 


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