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With Studio B Gluten Friendly baked goods, you won't sacrifice taste or texture! We know that finding a good gf baked good is tricky. That is why we have spent countless hours perfecting our gf recipes to ensure that they are high quality, full of flavor and of "normal" texture. 

What about "Gluten - Friendly"? 

We know that some of our celiac customers and friends cringe when they hear the words "gluten friendly", and we understand the importance of knowing what you are putting in your body. For some, this can mean days of discomfort and it's not always worth the risk. We understand the risk and importance of this and work very hard to prevent any cross-contamination.  We do operate in a shared kitchen, so the risk of cross-contamination is relevant. 

How do we reduce the risk of cross contamination? 

We start each baking day with cleaning and disinfecting all surfaces, equipment and utensils. We also always start with the preparation of our gluten friendly items first.  We bake and cool separately. We do not have standard items and gluten friendly items being prepared or baked at the same time.

When we package the items, we begin with cleaning and sanitizing all surfaces, package, seal and label each product individually and always begin with gluten friendly items. 

We do have many celiac customers that have no issues with our gluten friendly items. We do understand that everyone has varying levels of sensitivity and we recommend that you make the best decision for you. 

Each gluten friendly item will include on the label "Made in the same facility as gluten products."

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  • Babka
  • Double Layer Round Cake
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  • Decorated Sugar Cookies